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Welcome friends to . We are very happy and glad that you have visited this website and read privacy policy . However, it is actually an information website where we will give all kinds of info about all types of events and festivals. Besides, We will also provide you all kinds of information about various topic and matters.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

What Personal Information Do We Collect from the Visitors Who Visit This Website?

In this site, We collect some personal information of  our respected visitors. It is actually this site’s policy and we do this to give all visitors a great service. Our guests are an asset to us. So we want their satisfaction at any cost. That’s why we collect their personal information. Now, all visitors to this site must have to submit their details to this site. This way we can help them with their experience to join this site as a registered content creator or member.

When Do We Collect Information about Our Visitors?

We have already told you that we collect all info on this site’s all visitors. But, you must be thinking why we do that anyway. Generally, it is very important to collect visitor’s information. You can think that it is this site’s policy actually it is. But, We do not collect information of all users. What we do is to collect information of those people who register on this site only. At the time, a visitor registers on this website then we collect details about that visitor.

How Do We Use Your Information?

You know we collect all your information to give you good service and experience on this site. We collect all your information at the time you register or sign up on this site. In the meantime, We do it to provide you a better experience of our website like we told you before and provide you some great content as well. Those users are administering the survey, contest, promotion, new products and service and other feature of our website.

Do We Use Cookies for Tracking?

The answer is actually no. We absolutely do not use any cookies on this site to track our visitor. Basically, We track our visitors and collect their info so that they can get some great service from this site. At the time, someone signs up on our site we take information of that user and try to fulfill that person’s needs. Now, you can acquire more about cookies from your browser help menu.

Third Party Links

In the, We discuss Various Topic like , Best product reviews , Happy birthday , Good morning , Good afternoon , Good evening , Good night , Get well Soon , also all events and worldwide programs like New Year, Valentine’s Day, Eid al Fitr, Eid al Adha, Diwali, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Merry Christmas and much more. Moreover, We discuss the above and much more worldwide programs and festivals too. Besides, We aren’t responsible for  any third party links or information or services on this website. if you use  any of such linked web site is that the your (user’s) own risk .

Contacting Us

Again thanks for visiting this site. But, if you have any question or face any trouble in this website or this privacy policy, then please notify us. It is very easy to notify us just leave a comment on .