Insurance – Auto Ratings and Your Car-Buying Decision

Here’s a fact you may not be aware of: The make and model of your car affects your insurance premiums.

When it comes to insurance, car ratings are important. Reviews of major US auto insurance providers say the Ford 500 and 2008 Ford Taurus say they are among Ford’s best hitting the road in terms of insurance costs. For insurance costs applicable to bodily injury and property damage, both Fords are ranked first and charged far less than standard premium rates require. These cars also get discounts for being rated high for damage and theft. However, the Dodge Avenger and Neon are at the bottom of the notch. Driving either will not get you any Vehicle Safety Deduction (VSD) and your insurance costs will be much higher than standard premium rates.

Before you decide to buy a car, find out how your choices rank in the car ratings offered by your insurance company. Consider ratings and ratings by other providers as well. Knowing the potential costs in auto insurance is an important factor in making a sound economic decision. This decision has a direct impact on the amount remaining in the monthly budget for other needs. Consider the type of car and which models will save you the most money from car insurance. Automatic evaluations are excellent tools to help you narrow down your choices.

If you are not planning a purchase but are finding it difficult to make your car insurance payments, car ratings help you deal with this problem. You can sell your current vehicle or switch to a more cost-effective make and model.

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