Happy New Year 2020 Wishes, Images, Wallpapers

Happy New Year 2020 Wishes, Images, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photo.The New Year’s Day is the first of new calendar year that is observed 1st January annually. This festival is the most celebrated one, and millions of people celebrate it. They do various activities on that day. So, you should also mark it and wish your close peoples with happy new year 2020 images that you can get from the below post.

Happy New Year 2020 Wishes

Happy New Year 2020 Wishes

Happy New Year 2020 Wishes-New Year Origin and History

The New Year’s Day is the first day of the upcoming calendar year that is celebrated by all the people around the globe on 1st January. But, the New Year is not always celebrated on the 1st of January. That is because the early Rome calendar only has ten months and 304 days. In the eighth century, the Roman calendar was created by the founder of the Rome. Then the king Numa Pompilius added the months called Januarius and Februarius, which are known January and February currently.

The first New Year was celebrated on January 1 in 45 B.C. that is the first time in the history of the Julian calendar. In the meantime, Julius Caesar creator of the Julian calendar made January the first month because of the god Janus who is the god of beginning. So, celebrate the New Year with all and wish them with the below wishes.

  • Hope you make the resolutions this time you can keep! Happy New Year.
  • We have to start a new thing to put an end to something old dis-heartening- Happy New Year 2019.
  • The winter and summer holidays are the favorite time of my year because at this time I can find myself the warmth arm of my loving family.

Lunar New Year vs. Chinese New Year with Lovely Wishes

The Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year both are celebrated with various traditional activates in different regions. However, the Lunar New Year is on 1st January and Chinese New Year is celebrated on 5th February. The main difference is that Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese calendar and Lunar New Year is based on the non-Chinese-based calendar. Both festivals are observed by millions of people. So, you should do the same and wish others with the below wishes.

  1. The start of the year makes you closer to the dream; hope this year is the breakthrough one and your dreams true into reality.
  2. It is the time to do old mistakes in different ways, Happy New Year.

Interesting New Year Facts with Cute Wishes

There are many interesting facts about the New Year that you probably don’t know. So, read those facts. The 1st January New Year was never a standard practice that is because many went for winter solstice or summer equinox. Like Romans celebrated March 1 as the New Year’s Day. Another fact is the New Year concept is not new, and it dates back 2000 B.C. Now, you know the facts. Read the below-wishing messages and share with others to celebrate the occasion.

  • I wish my song, strength, and determinations to achieve what you truly desire in your life.
  • May each day of this New Year be filled with the day like you planned!

Finally, I hope you will love the above wishes that have an excellent message. You will be able to use those messages to wish your loved ones on this New Year occasion. At the same time, you can also share those on many social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others as well.

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