Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages, HD Images, Wallpapers, Pictures

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages, HD Images, Wallpapers, Pictures : If you are looking for some best happy fathers day 2019 quotes, then you can get from the below. Now, I have an extensive collection of father’s day quotes that you can share with dad and make him happy on the father’s day.

Fathers Day 2018 Quotes

Fathers Day 2018 Quotes

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes

The Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes  are available on this site that you can download to wish your dad on the Father’s Day. Now, all the sons should consider the below Father’s Day quotes that is because those are inspirational and has deep meaning as well. At the same time, those quotes are the best, which will express your love for your father that he deserves. Yes, our father deserves our love and Respect that is because he does various things for us that we can’t forget.

He always works for us, and he also can do anything to save us from difficulties too. Besides, he is the only man whom we can trust blindly. In addition to that, he always works for our happiness and comfort so that we can be happy. So, we should do something special for him with the below Father’s Day quotes.

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes For Wishes

Father is the only person after our mom whose love is pure, and he never expects anything in return from us. At the same time, his work and effort are speechless and immeasurable as well. So, on the Father’s Day, we should do something for our dad so that he feels happy on that day.  Now, you can use the below Father’s Day quotes and share with your father to celebrate this special day.

  • Looking up into your eyes,
    I hear you ask what I ponder,
    I hear you guess with Mum my thoughts,
    Well, here it is Dad – what I wonder,
  • Will my hands be warm like yours?
    My arms be as strong?
    Will I always be right, Daddy
    Even when I am wrong?
  • When I am hungry, and I can’t speak,
    Will you know just what to do?
    When I cry and don’t know why,
    Will you stay the whole night through?
  • You kiss my cheek and lift me high,
    Raise me right up to the sky,
    You cuddle me nice and tight,
    And promise we will be alright.
  • Just then I know it is all true,
    One day I will be just like you.

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes For Messages

The Father’s Day is one of the famous festivals around the world, which is celebrated by over millions of worldwide peoples. On that day, all the people across the globe do various activities like throw parties. On the other hand, many people also take their father to picnic or a famous restaurant and give him a treat so that he feels happy.

In the meantime, many people present various types of gifts for their father as well. Now, you guys can consider sharing some inspirational Father’s Day Quotes with you father to celebrate the day, and you can get those from here.

  1. A father is a source of strength,
    A teacher and a guide.
    The one, his family, looks up to
    With loving trust and pride,
    Father is a helper
    With a willing hand to lend
    A partner, an adviser
    And the finest kind of friend.
  2. A Dad is one who
    is always there
    can always be counted on.
    Always has time
    always encouraging
    that is you Dad
    Thanks for all you do!
  3. I love how
    we don’t even
    have to say out
    Loud that I am
    your favorite

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes, HD Images, Wallpapers, Pictures

There are many ways to celebrate the Father’s Day with your dad and other and make him happy. You can buy or make a gift for your father, which will make him so much delighted. Now, you can use some of the best and inspirational father’s day quotes to wish your dad, which will be the best gift for him. You only have to print some excellent lyrics of a greeting card and gift your dad, and he will be so much happy. However, you can get those poems free from the below.

  • Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be
    the person I am today.
    You built a strong foundation
    No one can take away.
  • I love you because you’re my father,
    But you’re really so much more.
    You’re a guide and a companion
    you and I have a great rapport.


You can use the above Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages, HD Images, Wallpapers, Pictures to celebrate the father’s day with your dad. At the same time, you can also share those poems on the social media platforms with others and mark this occasion. So, you should get those poems.

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