Happy Columbus Day 2019 Wishes, Observed, Friends, Family

Looking for Happy Columbus Day 2019 Wishes? Then don’t go anywhere just read this blog. That is because I am providing some of the best wishing messages that you can share with all to celebrate the Columbus Day 2019 and appreciate his discovery by honoring him. Don’t forget to share those wishes on Social Media platforms.

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Wishes

Happy Columbus 2019 Day Wishes

Columbus Day Observed with Wishes 2019

Many states of the USA and other countries observed the Columbus Day, which is on the 8th October, Monday in the US. On that day, Christopher Columbus arrived in America for the first time and discovered this region. He landed in America on 12th October 1492. However, he was the first who discovered this part and a new route.

The day is celebrated by many counties and states with various activities in honor of great sailor Christopher Columbus. At the same time, that day is a national holiday in many states in America and other counties. On the other hand, it is one of the ten federal holidays in the USA. In this occasion, people who observe this event arranges parades and other community activities and give tribute to Columbus. Besides, many people celebrate the say with their family and friends and share wishing messages with them like the below ones.

  • He gave the world another world.
    Happy Columbus 2019!
  • What a pity,
    when Christopher Columbus discovered America,
    that he ever mentioned it.
    Happy Columbus Day 2019!
  • If America had been discovered as many times as I have,
    no one would remember Columbus.
    Wishes you on Columbus Day 2019!

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Wishes For Family

Our family is most important to us. They are always there for us no matter what the situation is. That’s why we all should celebrate every event and holiday with them including Columbus Day. The day is when Columbus discovered America. This is the day to honor him and send wishes to your family so they can also celebrate this holiday. Now, you can send the below wishes.

  1. By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions,
    one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.
    Happy Columbus Day 2018!
  2. Every ship that comes to America got its chart from Columbus.

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Wishes for Friends

Friends are no less than our family. They always help us and support us when we need them. At the same time, we all have friends and spend most of the time with them. We all share our secrets and other things with them. So, why don’t we share the celebration of the Columbus Day with them! In this Columbus Day occasion, send your buddies the below wishes to mark the day with them.

  • It’s like, how did Columbus discover America when the Indians were already here? What kind of s— is that, but white people’s s—?
  • These people are very unskilled in arms… with 50 men they could all be subjected and made to do all that one wished.

Finally, the Columbus is one of the important holidays in the US and other counties. On that day, people honor Christopher Columbus for his discovery of America. So, as an American, you should celebrate the day for your land’s anniversary. At the same time, you also wish your family and friends as well.

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