Happy Columbus Day 2019 Images

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Happy Columbus Day 2019 Images

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Images

Columbus Day vs. Indigenous People’s Day with Images

The Columbus Day is the day that is celebrated to honor Christopher Columbus for his discovery of America. This holiday is observed on 8th October, Monday annually. However, many people confuse the Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day, which is also on 8th October. To clear the confusion, let’s take a look at this blog.

Columbus Day

The Columbus Day is a national and public holiday in various states of America. At the same time, it is one of the ten federal holidays in the USA. On that day, people do various activities to celebrate the holiday with all their friends and family. On the other hand, all the offices, schools, colleges, and other institutions remain closed on that day too. Besides, most of the people arrange various parties and activities like parade and ceremonies. This day is celebrated to honor Columbus. That is because he discovered America on 12th October 1492.

Indigenous People’s Day

The Indigenous People’s day is also a holiday that is celebrated by all the Native American and indigenous peoples of the United States. Now, this event challenges the idea that Christopher Columbus discovered America. However, Berkeley that was the first city and South Dakota that was the first state in the United States to recognize this holiday in 1992.

So, you can see the difference between Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s Day. Now, celebrate the day and share the below Columbus Day images with others.

Columbus Day Party Ideas with Images 2019

The Columbus Day is one of the vital holidays for all Americans. That is because that day is the anniversary of the USA. So, people do various activities to celebrate the day and honor Columbus.

Nowadays, most of the people throw parties and invite their loved ones to that party so that they all can celebrate the day together. Now, if you guys are planning for a party, then you can arrange a simple party that everyone will love. At the same time, you can prepare delicious Columbus Day foods to celebrate the day with tradition. But, don’t forget to wish them with the below images on this occasion.

Columbus Day Parade with Images 2019

All the people of the United States observed the Columbus Day with lots of traditional and exciting activities. The Parade is one of those activities. Yes! On the Columbus Day, most of the people go to the parade, which impressive and large too.

On that day, millions of people come across in the parade to be the part of it. In the meantime, almost 35000 marchers participate on the Columbus Day parade. Moreover, on parade, marching school bands, traditional folk groups, and professional musicians perform on parade as well. You can also be the part of the parade to celebrate the day, and remember to wish others with the below images.

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Happy Columbus Day 2019 Wishes

Finally, We hope you love the above images that are especially for Columbus Day. Those images contain lots of inspirational and beautiful messages and quotes that all your dear ones will love to see. At the same time, it would be an excellent idea to wish your friends and family with those images on this Columbus Day.

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