Get Insured Before Mishap Decides to Visit You During Festivities

The celebrations are upon us. Which means the air will be filled with the scent of scented candles, lit homes and shopping malls full of families. It’s this time of year when families go out and shop for the festivities. Chances are, you’ll be busy planning and making a few phone calls for the festive occasion.

But here’s the thing, just take a minute out of your busy schedule and ask yourself, are you prepared for any mishaps?

It may sound a little annoying, but nevertheless, it is an important question that you should ask yourself, as nothing is certain.

You could say, uncertainty is like a cloud that always flies over your head but hits when you least expect it. That is why it is important to insure your happiness from any accidents.

Some inherently skeptics may wonder what might happen during the festivities. We admit it’s rare but it can happen with anyone, so here are some examples.

1. All blessed functions, religious or social, are performed with diya or jute lighting. Now imagine this, what if you set a curtain close to your light on fire, or what if you missed an item from your shopping list, and you’re driving and coming back to see your house burning?? shocking isn’t it? But wait there is more.

2. Our country is one of the many countries that buy firecrackers in large quantities during Diwali. Imagine this, what if a damaged missile fell, slipped under your new car and exploded. Sad isn’t it?

Whether it’s misfortune, negligence, or someone else’s fault, the point is that a number of things can happen that can leave a huge hole in your pocket.

What is important is that you do not suffer from any financial crisis due to an unfortunate accident. That’s why it’s important that you secure your valuables with insurance.

Jaidah Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance coverages to its clients such as-

-car insurance

Travel insurance

– bike insurance

– home insurance

– fire insurance

Engineering insurance

– liability insurance

– burglary insurance

All-risk insurance

Sure, going through the insurance company’s set of policies can take some time, but in the unlikely event of any mishap, you’ll find that your research up front is well spent.

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