Before You Buy Travel Insurance – Do This!

Before you buy travel insurance, you should have done some initial planning for your trip. There are a number of factors that affect the type of insurance you will need and how much it will cost you. Have as much information on hand as possible so that your Australian insurance company can provide a solid quote. Although you can purchase your insurance up to the day before your departure, it is best to arrange this in time before your departure.

Before you buy travel insurance, here are some facts you’ll need to get answers for:

* Who is insured?
* what are their ages?
* Does anyone have pre-existing medical conditions? If so, what?
* What countries will you travel to on your vacation?
* What kind of activities will you participate in on your trip? Will they include climbing, snorkeling, snowboarding, or other similar “hazardous activities”;
* Do you need insurance coverage for any unusual activities, such as professional sports?
* What kind of bags and personal belongings do you take with you? If you take expensive equipment, you may have to label and advertise these items to get individual cover for them.

In particular, if you’re booking an expensive paid trip, such as a cruise or an all-inclusive tour, it’s important to get your own travel insurance as soon as you make your vacation deposits. The main part of the insurance coverage, medical coverage, delay, etc. is valid from the day of departure, but the cover for loss of deposit and non-refundable flight costs is valid from the day you take the travel policy. Of course, you do not plan to cancel your long-awaited trip, but you cannot always predict the health of your relatives or any other unexpected events.

Think long-term too – if you’re a frequent traveler, does it make sense to set up an annual multi-tour policy instead of a standard one? Depending on how long your trips are likely to last, an annual travel insurance policy can cover you for every trip you take throughout the year, including business trips.

For younger people traveling in their cut-off year, they may need a policy that covers them if they decide to work as part of their time abroad. Check to see if it includes hard work, as well as white collar jobs. Many casual outside jobs will not include insurance in your bonus package, so travel insurance coverage is essential.

Whatever style or length of foreign trip you’re planning, be sure to include travel insurance on your “to do” list – the sooner you buy that insurance, the better!

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